Saturday, August 22, 2009

Jim Rice Makes Comment About Derek Jeter

Yesterday Jim Rice spoke to the Little League World Series players and told them they should not idolize today's players such as Manny Ramirez, Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter. I can understand him having negative feelings about Manny Ramirez and Alex Rodriguez because of steroids but Derek Jeter is one of the hardest working players in baseball if not sports today. An example would be how his fielding ability had deteriorated over the past few years and he spent the winter and spring working so hard that he is now one of the best defensive players in the game once again at the age of 35. Even his hitting has improved over last year due to hard work.

Among Derek Jeter's charity work is the Turn 2 Foundation which works to keep children away from drugs and alcohol and turn to a healthy lifestyle. He does a large amount of charity work and is always a gentleman. He is always open to fans and the press.

This is someone who is a role model. Most of the time Derek Jeter is seen in a suit when he is not on the field.

When Jim Rice played he was known for being surly and uncommunicative. Suddenly he is speaking out and thinks he is wonderful. He is not half the player or upstanding individual that Derek Jeter has become.

Derek Jeter would never bad mouth another player for any reason in front of impressionable kids.

Jim Rice played when players like Joe Niekro, Phil Niekro and Gaylord Perry pitched. They all cheated. How many players in those days had corked bats?

Jim Rice is out of line and owes one of the truly great players of the game past or present an apology.

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  1. First off,Rice shouldn't be in the HOF.Doesn't have 500 homers,what's his batting avg.They're voting in players that don't belong.If in a year no one is deserving,don't vote anyone in!!!!!!!!!!!!It delutes the players that deserve to be in.