Sunday, August 23, 2009

I Made a Mistake and Received Poor Ebay Customer Service

Ebay still has a long ways to go until they fix things. I recently had a problem that was partly my fault but they weren't helpful to solve the problem.

I had changed my email address in paypal and ebay while I still had auctions going on. I thought this would make everything fine. It did not. All the auctions that hadn't ended would only take a paypal payment at the old email address.

All the payments said claim your payment but I couldn't because the old email address no longer existed. I could not get the payment at my regular account with the new email.

I contacted ebay power seller and paypal both and I got the same response. I would have to either give my new email to the customers and have them make a direct payment or I would have to get their email and make a direct payment.

To say the least this was very confusing to many customers and to other's it was a concern of dishonesty. I had to call many people and explain the situation.

Why couldn't Ebay/Paypal change the address for me on all the auctions so they went through keeping me and my customers (also Ebay customers) happy? It seems to me that the customer service department failed. I'm sure I'm not the first person to make this mistake.

I received an email from ebay asking if I was happy with the outcome with customer service and I said no and I got a response someone would call me. Its been weeks and I'm still waiting.

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