Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Has The Sports Card Industry Run Amok?

Stephen Strasburg needs Tommy John surgery and could be out for as long at 18 months.   It has been said by experts that his pitching motion is all wrong and he will get hurt again. Then why are people still spending ridiculous sums for his cards?  Here are 2 examples that ended last night 8/30/2010 on ebay  http://cgi.ebay.com/BGS-9-5-2010-Topps-Stephen-Strasburg-Rookie-AUTO-57-299-/140445783996?pt=US_Baseball&hash=item20b33897bc and http://cgi.ebay.com/BGS-9-5-2010-Topps-Stephen-Strasburg-Rookie-AUTO-57-299-/140445783996?pt=US_Baseball&hash=item20b33897bc

I really would like to know what is making people spend this kind of money on such a gamble.  Is there nothing else out there to make sports card fans happy?  Is this a hint that the sports card industry has run amok and is in trouble?  I really have no answer for this strange behavior and would love to hear from the buyers of these cards as to why they are still buying such a risky product.


  1. I pulled a chrome for 60 and a reg for 30 and sold both in an instant. I bet the value will go down real soon, ya think?

  2. i thought the card industry was down and out YEARS ago!