Sunday, September 27, 2009

Topps is Failing at TV Advertising

Topps has a TV commercial on the Major League Baseball network advertising their cards. Its basically a graphic artist nightmare as the cards just spin and you can see anything or have any feeling about collecting cards. If this is the way that Topps will deal with their exclusive contract with MLB then we are all in trouble.

If Topps wants to get kids interested in collecting cards then they have to have a different approach. How about getting players who do collect cards to do the advertising on commercials? Jeter or Pujols popping out of a card is easy with todays technology so use it. Talk about building sets on the commercials.

You will also need to have a different type of trading card for today's generation. CD cards have been made before but they weren't very good. Maybe its time to go back to a more interactive card to get them interested in something that is more traditional.

The bottom line is that Topps is not attracting kids with commercials of spinning cards. Plus why advertise only on MLB network? How about advertising on cartoon network or the N station?

Any advertising ideas that you would like Topps to use or even ideas for new products?

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