Friday, September 18, 2009

I Want Baseball Cards in Baseball Products

Upper Deck has come out with a new product called Upper Deck Goodwin Champions which is very much like many other products that have come before it such as Topps T206, Upper Deck Goudey and Topps Allen & Ginter's. They are all similar in concept and they all have a feature that I feel needs to be cut back or ended. Non-baseball cards in baseball products.

All of the products mentioned above have cards from other sports and historical figures as well as people in many varied fields throughout history.

When I open up a pack of baseball cards I want baseball cards and not athletes from basketball or hockey. If I want players from those sports I will buy hockey or basketball products.

If I want cards of historical figures I will get a product like 2009 Topps Heritage American Heroes which I think is a great product. There is also 2009 Topps American Heritage.

Buying products like Upper Deck Goodwin Champions are like going into a store and asking for motor oil and getting bicycle tires instead. It's not right.

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  1. Simple answer to this problem,don't buy the product.If enough people did this the companys would get the message.If the boxes sat on the shelfs and collected dust they would get the message.Also enough with these mini cards!!!!!!!!!!!!