Thursday, August 6, 2009

Topps Gets Exclusive Baseball Contract For 2010

Major League Baseball has given Topps the exclusive contract for 2010 as reported by the New York Times and

“This is redirecting the entire category toward kids,” Topps' Michael Eisner told the Times. "Topps has been making cards for 60 years, the last 30 in a nonexclusive world that has caused confusion to the kid who walks into a Wal-Mart or a hobby store. It’s also been difficult to promote cards as unique and original.”
My opinion:
I see this as a big blow to Upper Deck as it will hurt them financially.
I don't see this as good for the hobby. First Donruss was cut out and now Upper Deck. Making one company a monopoly doesn't work. If the companies were all left intact but told to have less autograph and game used cards then the products would be better. How many products still have a plain insert card? People used to look forward to the regular insert sets and now they don't exist.

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