Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cincinnati Reds Cards To Start Collecting

The Cincinnati Reds are a young and up and coming team and they are giving the Cardinals, Cubs and Brewers a run for their money so far this season. Some of the young star players on the Reds are Joey Votto, Jay Bruce, Edinson Volquez and Johnny Cueto.

If you are a Reds fan and want to know some of the best cards to collect of these players then you should start with Jay Bruce's 2005 Bowman rookie cards. You also should look for Jay Bruce's rookie autograph cards which can be found in 2005 Topps Chrome, Bowman and the Red Hot 2008 Topps Redemption autograph card. You can also find good rookies and autographs of Jay Bruce in 2005 Topps Updates.

Joey Votto who is having a breakout season and some of his rookie cards are 2002 Bowman Chrome Draft and then lots of different ones which are autographed from 2008 in Topps, Upper Deck and Bowman products. He can also be found in 2004 Just and 2006 Tristar.

Edinson Volquez best rookie can be found in 2005 Bowman Chrome.

Johnny Cueto's rookie can be found in 2007 Bowman Chrome. You can find autographs in 2007 Just Minors.

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