Sunday, March 29, 2009

Why is a Mother Teresa Autograph in a pack of Baseball cards?

In 2007 a Mother Teresa cut autograph card was found in a box of 2007 Topps Allen & Ginter's. It sold for over $10,000. The product it was in was a baseball product.

What kid opening a pack of baseball cards would be excited about getting a Mother Teresa card rather than an Albert Pujols card?! The answer is none.

The sports card companies Topps and Upper Deck have gone in the wrong direction trying to improve the hobby.

They have given up on trying to get kids to buy the cards and are just going after the adult market. What they fail to realize is that without the kid market there is no future market. Its short sited.

There are no longer cheap products that kids can get for a $1 a pack. Everything is $5-30 a pack now. What kid can spend money on a pack of cards anymore?

It was about wanting to grow up to be Mickey Mantle, Hank Aaron or Willie Mays at one time. Now if a kid gets into card collecting he is dreaming of being the next Warren Buffett.

While it is nice to have a kid want to be the next Warren Buffett maybe that should be left to his parents and the school system and not the card companies trying to make him feel his cards have to be kept in a pristine case.

How many people remember when we played with our baseball cards? Flipping, bike spokes or just carrying it in our pockets.

If I buy a pack of baseball cards I want baseball players and not Mother Teresa or George Clooney or Grover Cleveland.

This is a plea to Upper Deck and Topps...Make Card Collecting fun again!

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