Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ebay/Paypal Fails to Check Illegal Buyers

     Ebay and paypal are run in a very strange way.   I've recently had problems with each division of Ebay and the problems that I experienced should not have occurred.

     The first problem has to do with a buyer on Ebay.  If you have ever sold copper or black bordered cards from Topps Series 1 then you have no doubt had a problem at some point.  The buyer who I will not name is always the same.  He bids on the cards and he does not pay for them.  He has some software that allows him to change his user ID and reappear on Ebay after he is no longer a registered user.  I have him on my blocked bidder list under at least 10 different names.  Sellers and bidders both have notified ebay about the problem but they do nothing to solve the problem.  I end up having to wait about 2 weeks before I can relist the item meaning I've lost at last 3 weeks and as everyone knows 3 weeks with cards can be a life time in some cases.  Ebay says they don't have the time and hiring the personel to stop the problem would be too costly.  They know the name of the person and having him investigated would solve the problem.  Ebay doesn't address the problem and it makes me and other sellers and bidders (he bids items up for no reason) unhappy causing a loss of business for Ebay.  This make little sense to me.

     My other run in was with Ebays other company Paypal.   A buyer paid for an item and paypal said it was safe to ship.   I shipped the card and the next day paypal removed $40 from my account and said the item was under investigation.  No explanation was given.  I called them and was told they were suspicious of the buyer.  The money would be put back into my account when the item was delivered (it was a good thing that I used delivery confirmation as I always do).  When I told them I followed all their rules and that I did nothing wrong they said that was correct but this was their policy.  So for 3 days they had my money.  There was also the worry that the post office could lose the package and I would be out everything.  Why was I punished when I did everything right and Paypal did everything wrong?   Again as in the incident above why doesn't ebay properly check the people who sign up with ebay/paypal before they are allowed to buy anything?  The good news is that the item was delivered safely and they returned my money.  They didn't return it immediately.  I had to call them and ask them why it hadn't been done.  Once I did they switched it back to my account. 

    Ebay has lost business with sports cards to Sportsbuy, Amazon, Yardseller and more.  These are among the reasons.  


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