Sunday, February 20, 2011

If this is true a suspension is in order. Only David Stern can save the Knicks

I have just read the following article;_ylt=AoMSFp0xA0wwDLNyDkxkAku8vLYF?slug=aw-thomasknicks022011 and I was thinking where are the commissioners like Fay Vincent in sports today who have the courage to take action against illegal activities. 
Right now the New York Knicks and the NBA need a commissioner who will make the hard decision and suspend James Dolan from running the Knicks for at least a few years and ban Isiah Thomas for life from the NBA because of all the illegal activities.

It is against league rules for Isiah to be involved with the Knicks yet according to the article he seems to be running the team.  James Dolan is also ignoring league rules by taking advice from Isiah Thomas.  This alone should bring David Stern to the conclusion that Isiah Thomas and James Dolan should both be suspended. 

Now throw in the fact that Isiah was involved in sexual harrassment and illegal draft activities that resulted in a fine of $200,000 and you have someone who has no concern about for the rules of law or the rules of the NBA.

If David Stern has any courage he will suspend both Dolan and Isiah and let the New York Knicks become truly respectable once again as they were in past.  

Isiah and Dolan are about to gut a team for a great scorer who cannot play defense.  It takes time to build a great team and the Knicks are on the way there with Donnie Walsh but with Isiah possibly in control there is no hope for true success.  The commissioner must step in and take action to save the organization from further embarrassment.

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