Sunday, November 28, 2010

Derek Jeter and the Evil Empire

The Yankees are a corporation and if they don't pay Jeter what he is due then they are behaving like an evil empire.

Derek Jeter is the face of the Yankees in this decade. Whenever a speech is needed in front of the fans at Yankee Stadium it is Jeter who does it. Throw in the 3,000 hits that are approaching and he is w...orth more. The Yankees are a corporation making lots of money at the expense of the worker. They make more money than any other club and lets not forget their cable deals. Also throw in how much money they will make when Jeter reaches 3,000 hits. He will be the first Yankee to do so in history. Neither Ruth, Gehrig, Mantle or DiMaggio reached 3,000 hits. Jeter will make the Yankees a lot more money than any other player and he should be treated properly. This is another case of big business abusing a worker. For anyone working for a company and hasn't gotten a raise in years they should be happy to see Jeter fighting for what he deserves.

If the Yankees don't re-sign Jeter at a fair pay rate then they truly are an evil empire.

Are players paid too much? Yes, but the pay scale has been raised too high by the owners(namely the Yankees) and in the scope of things Jeter must be treated fairly.

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  1. I think Jeter will be in a Yankee uniform next season... however I think 15 million is pretty reasonable... give or take a couple of million.

    I like how you pointed out how much he's worth to the Yankees... I totally agree. A lot of people forget how much $$$ Jeter brings in for them.

    Oh... and the Yankees are already an evil empire... with or without the signing of Jeter ;-)