Thursday, October 28, 2010

Topps Customer Service Fails Again

Topps customer service is still a joke even with their videos saying how things have improved. 

 I recently purchased 5 boxes of 2009 Topps Ticket To Stardom and received 2 redemption cards.  Both were for a Matt Cain Auto Relic.  I posted one on ebay buy it now and the person who won it contacted me all upset saying that the redemption was no good.  I then went to redeem the other one I have and that too was no good. The redemption card is to be good until 9/30/2012. I gave the person a full refund.  How could the codes be bad when it came straight from the pack?

I contacted Topps and they have told me that I have to send the card in.  No apologies and no attempt to take care of the problem online like they claim they will now.  Why?  Only an answer of that is the only way to do it.  I will now be charged for envelope, postage and delivery confirmation to ship it.  How about time at post office?  The cards value is lost after these charges.  I can give large scans of the cards to them but that for some reason is unacceptable. I can scan the bar codes from the boxes but that is unacceptable. Why?

I have contacted the Better Business Bureau on the matter.  I will update when I get their response. 
Topps has no respect for the customer.

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  1. This is preposterous. If TOPPS still had competition from other baseball card companies instead of what I believe is, for all intents and purposes, a MONOPOLY, they would have better customer service. This kind of "runaround" given to the collector or sports card seller is utterly ridiculous!! Good luck with hearing from TOPPS!!!
    - A baseball fan and card collector