Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Topps Fixes Customer Service and Misses the Point

Today Topps announced that they have an improved replacement policy program when you buy a box of cards and don't get the card you were promised.  For instance when they promise 2 jersey cards and 1 autograph in a box of Topps and you only get 2 jersey cards and no autograph.  For an example of how the new policy program will work go to http://www.topps.com/sports/news/toppsNews.aspx?news_id=345

However, Topps misses the point of quality control and customer satisfaction.  Why are cards missing from products on such a frequent basis?  Rather than hiring people to fix an error why not hire people to prevent an error?  Wouldn't this make more sense?  Mistakes/Errors will happen periodically but from years of dealing with Topps I know that this happens all too frequently.  No one checks the product before it is sealed and they must because this is what helps to ruin the card industry. 

I did quality control for photo labs for 20+ years.  I dealt with photographers and advertising agencies.  In an environment where artists and personal values rein I had an incredible record of success.  I love the sports card industry and I don't want to see it continue to fail.  Therefore I offer my services to Topps in an attempt to truly help them fix this problem.  Let's make the industry fun and stress free again.  Let the fans and dealers help Topps make it fun again.

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  1. I agree! And I also ran a photo lab for 5 years, and I know what your saying here. I would also offer my services to Topps right along side of you to help with these problems, but you and I both KNOW that that's not going to happen so all we can do is help the people we can in and industry we grew up loving and still do.