Sunday, August 22, 2010

Stephen Strasburg Hurt Again-Buy Cards for Love and Not Profit

Stephen Strasburg was pitching against the Phillies last night and hurt his elbow.  He is going for an MRI.  This is the second injury he's had in a very short career.  He's had cards sell for $25,000 and $17,000.  The 2010 Bowman boxes have been ridiculously priced and people have gone crazy opening boxes just to get his autograph.  Topps has gotten very rich because of this but other people have spent money on what may turn out to be valueless cards.  

Bryce Harper is probably the next big prospect.  Will people go crazy spending money on his cards?  I hope not.  The odds of one of these prospects becoming great isn't that great.  The Major Leagues are littered with the next Babe Ruth, Cy Young, Willie May and Mickey Mantle.  Mark Prior, J.D. Drew, Kerry Wood, David Clyde, Brien Taylor, Tim Belcher, Alex Gordon and many many more. 

If you are going to collect sports cards do it for love of collecting and not for profit.  When a kid gets a card of a favorite player as long as his picture is on it the kid is happy.  Why do we lose our innocence?  It is the fan that creates the market.  Create that market for the love of cards and not the love of profit. 

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  1. Collectors or investors who spend high dollar on baseball cards of any pitchers is a fool. Except for HOF pitchers like Nolan Ryan :)