Sunday, August 1, 2010

Stephen Strasburg Cards and Injury

  On 7/28/2010 Stephen Strasburg's Bowman Autograph Red Rookie Serial #1/1 sold for $17,000.  The seller used the auction house Huggins and Scott auctions.   The autograph was a better card than the Bowman Superfractor 1/1 which sold for $25,000 on ebay.  Was this a sign that the market for Strasburg was beginning to die off or was his injury a factor in the final bidding? 

  Tom Verducci has an interesting article on the pitching style of Stephen Strasburg and how it compares to Mark Prior

  What this tells me is that you should be a collector for fun and enjoyment of the hobby and not to get rich.  Too many collector's now are looking for the holy grail.   Remember when you got excited just seeing a common card of your favorite player?  The stats on the back meant more than any jersey or bat card. 

  Baseball players are fragile like all people and collecting their cards for profit is the same as playing the lottery.   The odds are against you.  You may get lucky but its not likely.  

  Imagine spending $17,000 or $25,000 on a baseball card and having it become worth no more than a few dollars.   You better really love that player or have lots of money in the bank. 

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