Thursday, July 8, 2010

2009-10 Panini Studio Review

This will be a 2 part review because one is for the product and one is for Sports Card Kids located on the web at

I won the box in a contest from Sports Card Kids and the delivery time and shipping were fast and prompt.  The service that Jeremy gives is great.  I highly recommend them.   He has lots of contests and single cards that should interest everyone's taste. 

It is always great to get a free product and I don't want to look a gift horse in the mouth but I don't have a positive review for this product.  For a box of cards that is $75 on average you don't get a great product.  You do get a rookie or insert in every pack but I did not receive anyone sooner than the number 7 draft pick Stephen Curry.   It is nice to get rookies but why aren't any of the top picks in the box?  Most of the insert sets are not numbered but should be numbered as they would increase the value for the collector. 

My biggest gripe on the product is the legends cards.  When did Mark Eaton become a legend? Or Kelly Tripuka?  Rick Barry and Wes Unseld are legends but some of the legends they have listed are just old timers and should be listed that way. 

I pulled a Tyler Hanbrough autograph rookie numbered to 49 which was the best card in the box.  I received 3 jersey cards the best one being Kevin Garnett numbered to 249.  The others were Gilbert Arenas and Gerald Henderson.  

The design of the cards is nice and the few parallels are well made but poor rookie selection, ridiculous legends, lack of numbered cards and the inability to complete a set from a box are all disappointing. 

If you are a parent buying this product for your kid I would stay away.  If you are a collector looking for something special I would stay away from it as well.

However, it was free and I got great service so I'm happy. 

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  1. Sorry to hear the product was such a dud, but thank you for the kind words for our site! After doing only baseball boxes for the February - June giveaways, I figured it was time to switch sports for a few months. Hopefully this month's hockey box will be better.