Sunday, June 20, 2010

Topps Red Hot Rookie #1

Topps announced that Red Hot Rookies #1 is Carlos Santana who is a catcher for the Cleveland Indians.  Now Carlos Santana has a possibly great future and is hitting .333 as of today, but Topps naming him as the #1 Red Hot Rookie wasn't right. 

Yes, most were hoping for Stephen Strasburg but there is no guarantee that it would be him.  Topps knows that people were spending an average of $20-50 on the card and that one went as high as $129 on ebay.  Knowing this if they wanted to have a player other than Strasburg they should have made it an autograph or someone like Brendan Boesch on the Tigers or Mike Stanton.  This way people could have gotten something positive for their investment.  Now people will spend too much money on #2 hoping for Strasburg.  Will Topps again disappoint and not give people fair bang for their buck? 

If you read comments on facebook you will find that a lot of people have said they will no longer buy cards from Topps after the naming of Carlos Santana as the #1 Red Hot Rookie.  They feel cheated and they are right to feel that way. 

Topps needs to realize that its about more than their making money.  Its about a hobby growing and keeping the people who make the hobby what it has become.  Don't take the love away of sports cards away because of greed.   Treat the collector with respect.

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