Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Stephen Strasburg vs. Lou Gehrig

The following Lou Gehrig bat sold for $47.78 on ebay last night http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=310219414897&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT

The following Stephen Strasburg rookie autograph sold for $300 on ebay last night http://cgi.ebay.com/STEPHEN-STRASBURG-2010-BOWMAN-AUTO-BP1-AUTOGRAPH-RC-/160435341218?cmd=ViewItem&pt=US_Baseball&hash=item255ab107a2

Lou Gehrig was one of the greatest players of all-time and is in the Hall of Fame.  Stephen Strasburg has pitched extremely well in the minors but has no Major League experience.   How is any Stephen Strasburg card more valuable than any Lou Gehrig?  Even if the market is flooded with Lou Gehrig cards what sense does it make when Strasburg has no experience in the Majors?  How many championships was Strasburg a part of? 

Everyone is gambling that Strasburg will be a major star and hopefully he will be but will he ever match the greatness of Lou Gehrig?  How many potential stars actually become stars?  Alex Gordon, J.D. Drew, Jay Bruce and many more have been golden boys that become good players but never great players.  How many people lost money gambling on those players and many more?

Somewhere along the line we've lost our sense of what is important with baseball cards.  It should be about being a fan and pleasure and our favorite players and not who will eventually make the most money for the buyer.


  1. How about you compare apples to apples. A Gehrig RC to a Strasburg RC. Don't you think that is a little more fair? We get your point, but don't disrespect Lou by comparing him to Strasburd and picking out some overproduced bat card. Apples to Apples.

  2. As I mention no card of Strasburg's at this point should be equal to a Lou Gehrig card. I'm saying there is no comparison and that is the problem. Lou Gehrig is head and shoulders above Strasburg in every way and people are spending money on something that most likely will never be equal to Lou Gehrig.

  3. Randy is a great guy who I have had the pleasure
    0f meeting at a card show several months ago.
    When he talks about the hobby, he talks about it for children, like it should be talked about.
    Even the card companies themselves lost sight of this many years ago. That little child should be thrilled to pull a "Mick"
    Frank Scicchitano