Friday, April 23, 2010

Beckett Magazine Gives American Jobs to India. Maybe it's Time to Boycott

Why is the company that makes the official guide for baseball cards sending its customer service department to India?

A friend recently called Beckett's subscription department as he was having problems getting his subscription.  To his amazement he found himself talking to someone in India.  She tried to help him but he felt she was lost and he has decided that enough is enough and he will no longer subscribe to Beckett.  He is a die hard collector who loves the industry but he cannot deal with this and has decided to get all his information from bloggers and directly from the companies themselves. 

Baseball is an American game and yet Beckett the guide for the American games collectors no longer wants to spend it's money in the USA.   The US economy is still in major trouble despite many reports of improvement.  Unemployment is still around 10% and when you add people who are no longer on the unemployment rolls it really reaches to about 17%.   Wouldn't it be nice if Beckett and many other companies gave American citizens those jobs?  The unemployment rate would go down drastically if businesses like Beckett kept those jobs in America. 

Maybe its time we all take our subscriptions to Beckett and cancel them until they agree to bring those jobs back to the U.S.   I suggest everyone call and/or email and complain and let them know that we have had enough.  

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