Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Upper Deck and MLB Settle Suit/Topps Gets USA Baseball

Major League Baseball settled it's suit with Upper Deck as Upper Deck agreed to pay the 2.4 million they owe and to stop using the MLB logo on its products.  They can still sell the 3 products they produced this year but all the other products that were due out can no longer be released.   For more details on this go to

Topps announced today that they have the official contract for USA baseball.  This gives them Major, Minor League and USA baseball.  They have total control of the baseball market now. 

Peace in the industry is good but I still believe this is wrong as it goes against antitrust laws of allowing one company to be a monopoly.  How can Topps be the only company allowed to sell baseball cards with the MLB logo?  Upper Deck didn't approach the issue properly.  They should have sued MLB for breaking antitrust laws rather than trying to get around MLB by putting the logo on without permission which was wrong. 

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