Friday, February 19, 2010

Ebay Did Nothing Wrong

Recently ebay ended the auctions of High Times Magazine.   They felt it was inappropriate to be selling this item.   The right to end an auction because ebay feels it is inappropriate is something they should be allowed to do since it is their company.  Whether you agree with the politics of it or not it is still their right to end the auction for being inappropriate based on their value system.

Now the thing I found odd is that I've seen a lot of people criticizing Meg Whitman for what happened and I think that is funny because since she has left ebay most sellers have been blaming her leaving for all the changes at ebay that affect them.  For example seller fees.   How can she be adored for her management and then blamed in the same breath? 

I have to say that if I had an ebay company I would allow High Times magazine to be sold and I'm not a fan of Meg Whitman's politics but ebay has done nothing wrong nor has Meg Whitman in this case. 

Freedom of beliefs works both ways and we have to accept that right or wrong.

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