Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ebay Misses the Point!

Ebay has made it harder for buyers to contact sellers with questions. An example would be emailing seller to see when their package was sent. You can go through a loop until you find the way to contact the seller.

Good customer service is about asking questions and ebay seems to want to stifle good customer service. I find that talking to customers can increase sales and it makes them more comfortable in dealing with the seller. Why doesn't ebay understand that good customer service is the key to success?

Ebay has set new rules that make interaction between seller and buyer difficult because they want to stop people from selling outside ebay. That can happen but it can also do the opposite and make ebay a stronger venue for people. Ebay needs to look at Bonanzle which has gotten many ebay sellers in the last year. They make communication important by using emails and chat. It's very successful.

If Ebay wants to improve they need to stop worrying about things like sellers possibly selling outside ebay and concentrate on making the ebay product stronger.


  1. I understand where they are coming from. They put millions of dollars into advertising. Then a boat load of people use their email system to sell off ebay and ebay loses out on money. I'm willing to bet it is millions they are losing out on.

    Trust me I don't agree with a lot of things that ebay does but this one covers their butts from losing even more money. It makes business sense.

    I personally think they should just hire some people to monitor their messaging system. Or set up something that throws red flags when they use certain words in their messages. They should also not allow you to use your real email address in your messages. Then any time someone trys to sell off ebay they can catch them and suspend them or ban them. Just my 2 cents on the subject.

  2. Hi Joe,
    Thanks for your opinion. I agree with some of it but not all as you can tell by my blog. It would make more sense for ebay to catch buyers who sign up and are just in it for wasting peoples time. For instance I had a person purchase a $500 Derek Jeter card from me and the address and phone number were obviously fake. Ebay did not catch it and I had to call them up and tell them how I found up by looking in phone book within 5 minutes. When I asked them why they don't do the same thing they said it would cost too much to do. Ebay needs to solve these problems so that the petty stuff doesn't get in the way.

  3. Since we're complaining about stuff, here's one.I just redeemed a 2008 bowman sterling card.It says that it might take 30 weeks to ship.Are you kidding me.You mean to tell me it takes a year and a half to get a card.You want to know the best part.I don't even know who the player is.