Monday, August 31, 2009

Final Topps Finest Redemption is Tommy Hanson Autograph

The final Topps Finest redemption card is a Tommy Hanson Autograph. A great way to finish the Topps Finest redemtpion cards. The full list is

1. Matt LaPorta, Outfield, Cleveland Indians

2. Tommy Hanson, Pitcher, Atlanta Braves

3. Andrew Bailey, Pitcher, Oakland A’s

4. Julio Borbon, Outfielder, Texas Rangers

5. Colby Rasmus, Outfielder, St. Louis Cardinals

6. Kyle Blanks, Outfielder, San Diego Padres

7. Neftali Feliz, Pitcher, Texas Rangers

8. Nolan Reimold, Outfielder, Baltimore Orioles

9. Rick Porcello, Pitcher, Detroit Tigers

10. Tommy Hanson, Pitcher, Atlanta Braves (Autographed)

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