Friday, June 26, 2009

Overcharged On Shipping For Poorly Packaged Item On Ebay

I have been selling and buying on Ebay for 10 years and every once in awhile I see something that baffles me.

I paid $2 for shipping for a card and the person sent it in a top loader in a plain envelope for 44 cents. To me this is not right. There was no receipt or indication of the item number.

When I ship I put the card in a top loader and then a team bag. The card is then wrapped in the receipt and put in a bubble envelope. On each side of the card I put 1 packing peanut for maximum protection. Inside the U.S. I give delivery confirmation.

When you use paypal shipping the delivery confirmation is only 18 cents.

When you buy envelopes or labels in bulk such as 250-1000 then the cost is minimal. I have no problem with paying $2.50-3 or even $3.50 when the proper packaging is done but when its not it is just stealing money from the buyer.

Ebay has changed rules that hurt sellers because of sellers who ship improperly. It is because of a few uncaring sellers that the many have to suffer but it may be the only way to stop this problem.

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