Monday, June 8, 2009

Ebay System Fails Again

I recently had an interesting experience on ebay that really should make every seller and buyer nervous about how ebay handles itself.
I had an auction that was buy it now/best offer and I did sell the item to someone with zero feedback. Now normally I would have checked the person out more thoroughly but with ebay's new interface I missed it. The interface is only for seller's right now. The buyers will not see it until later this month. The new interface to me is just more convoluted and makes the seller do more steps. However, this is not the main problem.
I discovered that the person who purchased the item provided a false address and phone number. I immediately contacted ebay. The first person I spoke to was nice but kept telling me I couldn't do anything until 7 days were up. I then asked for a Manager and he understood that the person's address and phone number were fake. Then I was transfered to someone from Trust and Safety who told me I had to wait 48 hours before ebay would make the person a non-registered user and I could have a credit and relist the item.
When I told the person from Trust & Safety that this made no sense because it allowed the fake bidder to bid on other people's items he said that is the ebay policy.
It took a total of 96 hours and not the 48 hours that were promised for the issue to be resolved and the person to become non-registered.
Now here is what really concerns me:
1. Ebay allows people to take someone's identity without double checking it. This was a real person's phone number. The person whose phone number was stolen should be worried about identity theft.
2. Ebay allows someone doing illegal activities to spend 48 to 96 hours additional on their site even though it has been proven to them and by them that something illegal is going on.
3. A total disrespect for the seller. Time wasted on the phone talking to what turned out to be 4 different people takes away from my work time. Had ebay screened the person before allowing them to be a member they would have found out right away that an illegal activity was going on.
The Ebay System continues to fail.

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