Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Do You Remember When?

Do you remember when people still played with baseball cards? We used to flip them, put them in our bike spokes, play a game called color on color and more.

My favorite was a game my brother invented. You laid all the cards on the floor by position. One of us would pitch (the ball was a rolled up piece of paper closed with scotch tape) and the batter was the card of the player who was up. Depending where it was hit on the bedroom floor was whether or not it was a hit or an out. For example if it went into the dresser draw it was a home run.

We had fun with the cards. Today kids put them in a protective case immediately and talk about how expensive the cards are and how valuable they might become. Something is wrong when kids are thinking about the money of baseball cards at such a young age.
Did you do anything special with your cards?

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