Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Baseball Cards Only. No Celebrities or Presidents!

The new 2009 SPX is out today and I don't know about other fans of sports cards but isn't it annoying when you get a box of baseball, basketball, football or hockey cards and you get celebrity autographs, material or common cards.
A box of baseball cards should be just that and nothing else. If your a baseball fan you want baseball cards and not cards of a long dead President like Grover Cleveland or an autograph by Carrot Top.

1 comment:

  1. I totally agree with this...I do collect the historical cards, as an aside collection, but certainly don't want to pay for my passion, which is baseball cards, and come out with insert or special cards that are non-baseball related, it is a big diappointment and a waste of my budgeted baseball card money!! I want the special players of the day and when unrelated cards are in the bundle I'm buying, be it at a card show or store, or whatever, that means I'm paying more per card for the baseball ones included, since the unrelated are meaningless for the money I'm putting down!